I would like to share a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. which will always and every time hold good.
"Intelligence plus character is the true goal of education"..

"L K Singhania Public School" has been catering the educational aspiration of society and providing an excellent platform to the students by making full use of modern educational system. It has conscientiously been striving hard to retain its glorious position so as to meet current and ever changing trends in educational system. I am confident that the school will keep abreast with the latest thereby establish itself at the helm of growth, development and will remain the centre for honest learning. I appreciate all the stupendous efforts put in by all dedicated past and present staff with close cooperation of the management in paving the way in shaping and moulding the lives of students so that each one establish him/herself in the society as a responsible citizen of this country.

With Best Wishes,
Mr. Y.P. Singhania

Mr. Y.P. Singhania

Patron, L K Singhania Public School Nimbahera